The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations require organisations to provide their employees with suitable and sufficient training for the work they carry out. This must be provided free of charge and in working hours.

Certain areas of training need are easily identified as they are specified within regulations, approved codes of practice or relevant British / European Standards. In these cases if employees are put to work without the required training the management would be considered negligent and liable to prosecution. For example if an untrained worker were allowed to drive a forklift truck.

Other areas of training requirement are not always so clear such as the need to induct staff in the relevant sections of the company health and safety policy, provide additional training when duties change or deciding what is required for temporary workers.

The answer is that a training need analysis is required for all employees from management to workers and a training plan / matrix developed to record what training is required and when it was carried out.

This matrix can also be used as a record of authority within the organisation for staff to use equipment or carry out higher risk activity.

IHS are able to undertake training need analysis and develop training plans as required.

As a registered centre for IOSH and CIEH training courses IHS are able to deliver training for organisations at all levels from workers to management and directors, details on request.






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