Corporate requirements for Health and Safety Policies and Procedures are detailed under “Policies and Procedures” elsewhere in this site but these are simply tools to achieve legal compliance in terms of health and safety. This is the minimum acceptable standard.

However for many organisations achieving the minimum basic legal compliance is not an acceptable standard as they may be in a high risk industry or simply as a policy feel they should do more for their employees. This is often the stance taken by market leaders.

Corporate strategies for health and safety are normally built around a process of striving for continuous improvement.

Stage one may genuinely be to achieve full legal compliance within a realistic time frame, some times a number of years. During this time the “at risk” activity will be controlled by alternative methods such as outsourcing or employing a higher level of supervision.

The next stage will be driven by a review and would normally result in improvements to the company procedures, increasing efficiency or ease of use / implementation.

Further stages will place a higher emphasis on training, personal development, worker engagement or a higher focus on “health” issues once “safety issues” are felt adequately controlled.

A corporate strategy for health and safety is a long term view, a plan over a number of years with an objective of improving standards beyond basic legal compliance for the benefit of staff, customers and other stakeholders.

The process is will include taking feedback from monitoring activity, accidents, employee consultation, clients etc. and combining this in a management review that will result in revisions to policy, procedures, identification of additional training needs etc.

Monitoring work activity and revising procedures in the workplace completes the loop, a process of continuous improvement.

IHS are able to assess your needs in terms of health and safety and assist in the production and implementation of a suitable strategy.





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