An audit is very different from an inspection of a workplace which focuses on activity underway at the time and whether it is being carried out in compliance with legislation and / or company procedures.

 A health and safety audit of an organisation looks much deeper into the company procedures and their application to see if there are being fully implemented and whether they are suitable and sufficient. Normally part of a strategy for continuous improvement audits result in a review of company procedures with recommendations being made for improvement and implementation of changes.

 A corporate strategy for health and safety is a plan over a number of years with an objective of improving standards beyond basic legal compliance for the benefit of staff, customers and other stakeholders. Audits are an integral part of this process and an initial audit is normally the first stage of developing a long term strategy by identifying the key areas for improvement.

 It is accepted practice in industry to carry out an annual review of company policies and procedures including application of same. This approach is recommended in the HSE document HSG 65.

 IHS carry out detailed audits of health and safety systems (including application of same), make recommendations and assist in the implementation of any changes required

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