Reporting of Injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences

The RIDDOR Regulations require certain Injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences to be reported to the Health and Safety Executive or Local Authority Environmental Health Department.

The main reason for this is not to identify events that could lead to a prosecution but to trigger an investigation to identify the cause of the incident enabling procedures to be changed to prevent re-occurrence.

Investigations of significant accidents / dangerous occurrences (whether injury was caused or not) need to be carried out by the company concerned themselves in addition to any investigation carried out by the authorities. In this way data is collected and analised in timely manner and used to develop more effective procedures.

Following a reportable accident / incident the event must be communicated to the authorities by the most appropriate timely means and confirmed using a form F2508. The investigation will follow this and must be carried out as soon as possible to enable revised procedures to be developed in time to prevent further accidents. It may be necessary following an accident to suspend certain types of operations pending the outcome of the investigation.

IHS are able to carry out detailed accident investigations and if required develop or amend procedures to reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence.

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