Following the changes to the CDM regulations in 2015 IHS have re-defined their service as CDM advisor. This is appointment is designed to ensure that the activity required to fulfil the duties of both the Principal Designer (PD) and the Client as defined within the CDM regulations is completed.  The activity required of each duty holder is noted below, IHS will help ensure that each activity or responsibility is fulfilled either by providing relevant advice or carrying out the activity as appropriate.

Integrated health and safety have reviewed the changes to the Regulations in great detail including consultation with the Association for Project Safety (APS) who have discussed in detail the process of providing advice to Clients and Principal Designers with the Health and Safety Executive, gaining their approval for registered members to provide this service.

APS have developed formal scopes of service in respect of providing advice to both the Client and the Principal Designer. To ensure that the correct advice and service is provided Integrated Health and Safety would enter into separate agreements with the Client and PD based on the standard APS scope of service as agreed with Health and Safety Executive. It is important to stress that whilst these are separate appointments instructing IHS to act for both parties will have significant benefits in terms of effectiveness of communication and fulfilment of legal requirements as well as eliminating potential duplication or “gaps” with associated benefits in terms of fees.

Fees can be paid independently by the PD and Client or can be paid as a single fee from the project budget. In this context is important to stress that there will be individual appointments of service and payment from central budget would not affect the way in which the service is delivered which would be totally in compliance with the APS scope. Should it be required the fee can be separated between the two elements of service and this would need to be determined on a per project basis, typically the PD element will be between 20% and 30% of the project fee.

Integrated Health and Safety are independently accredited within the Governments SSiP program. Our consultants are chartered in both construction and health and safety as well as being registered as consultants in terms of CDM with the Association of Project Safety, the lead body for such appointments as acknowledged by the Health and Safety Executive. In addition our consultants have held senior line management positions in major contactors such as Balfour Beatty, Costain and McAlpine.

Detailed below are the elements of service required of the PD and Client by the Regulations, IHS will support the Client and PD in ensuring compliance by providing the scope of service described in the APS forms of appointment.                

CDM 2015, Role of the Principal Designer (PD)

  1. The PD must have the required knowledge, skills and experience to fulfil the health and safety duties of the role. PD has an obligation to report and act on anything that has a safety implication in relation to the project.
  2. Assess the site / project / design overall for hazards, requesting data from the client where necessary, produce the pre-construction information, distributing & coordinate in respect of design and construction
  3. Ensure coordination of design across all disciplines
  4. Ensure the project is carried out without risks to health and safety, taking into account the general principles of prevention and the contents of the construction phase plan as well as the findings of the PCi. (Reg 11)
  5. Liaise with the PC to assist in planning, management, monitoring and coordination of the construction phase.
  6. Prepare the health and safety file early in the project, develop regularly during the project and ensure handover to the client on completion

CDM 2015, Role of the client

    • Ensure there are suitable arrangements for managing the project without risks to health and safety, including suitable welfare. Take measures to ensure arrangements are maintained.
    • Appoint a Principal Designer (PD) and Principal Contractor (PC), if this does not happen the client will be deemed to fulfil these roles. The client must check the competence and experience of the individuals or organisations appointed.
    • Notify the HSE if required (30 working days with 20+ persons on site or 500+ person days)
    • Provide information to the PD in respect of hazards applicable to the site / project to assist him in production of PCi
    • Ensure that a safety plan is produced by the PC, that it is sufficient and that it is implemented, maintained and reviewed.
    • Make sure that the PD produces a suitable health and safety file, that it is revised and updated by the PC and handed over on completion of the project.
    • Take steps to ensure that the PD and PC comply with all their duties.
    • Accept the duties of Principal Contractor (PC) if no single contractor is appointed to control the project. Similarly the role of Principal Designer if no overall designer is so appointed. The role of PC would require the client to develop a construction phase safety plan, check the safety plans of all contractors and coordinate their activity in terms of health and safety interfaces.

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